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You were able to take a very complex financial situation, streamline it and submit a very organized report ... your services [were] resourceful and invaluable.

Leslie Foren, Elders in Action

Very grateful for your help and time. The jury unanimously gave [our client] everything he asked for.

Ron Cheng, Attorney at Law

So appreciative of your hard work and great testimony.

Kim Weingart, Attorney at Law

You and Rebecca do great work, and I will recommend you guys for future cases.

Matthew Singelton, Paralegal

Your testimony was compelling, well-documented, and well thought out. It was obvious the jury was impressed, not only during your testimony, but at the conclusion of the case when they had to evaluate the damages.

Bill Stockton, Attorney at Law

Our success in settlement negotiations was due largely to the work you did for us.

Tom Kranovich, Attorney at Law

Your involvement and calculations doubled [the defendant’s] initial offer.

Tim Greer, Attorney at Law

Thank you so much for all your work on the case. You were great as usual. [Adverse attorney] was a little shell-shocked.

John Schroedel, Attorney at Law

I am pleased to be able to report, largely due to your good efforts, that the award was [amount]. Your testimony, as always, was concise, articulate, and well organized.

George Mead, Attorney at Law

Whether working with me as my expert or consultant, or performing those roles for my opponent, Mr. Parker has consistently exhibited a level of expertise and professionalism which commands the respect of litigants, attorneys, and the courts.

Joel Wilson, Attorney at Law

Your testimony was concise and powerful, and you were obviously well prepared.

Kelly Giampa, Attorney at Law

Thank you both for your hard work and prompt responses. It helped me out tremendously when Gregson agreed to talk to [the claimant] with me.

Starr Duncan, insurance professional

Great job! [Opposing counsel] didn’t lay a glove on you.

Bob Barton, Attorney at Law

All your hard work helped prepare me for the deposition, and plaintiff abandoned [their wage claim] this morning.

Glenn Barger, Attorney at Law

It is always such a gamble with these UIM claims. Thanks for all your wonderful assistance!

Jennifer Smith, insurance professional

95% of this success was because of you. What you demonstrated in judgment, instincts, and ability to communicate is unreal.

"Carpet Carl" Skoro, Marion’s Carpets, insurance claimant

It is a pleasure working with you. You are a high quality professional.

David Bartz, Attorney at Law

Settle it, we did. And your spreadsheet was very helpful in doing so. After I took the judge through it, he took it down to [plaintiff attorney] and the settlement began to drop decidedly.

Spencer Adams, Attorney at Law

Thank you for your service as one of the appraisers in the above matter. It was obvious that you approached this matter with an open mind and with interest, and gave the case your utmost attention. Even as the ‘opposing’ party, we could not have asked for any more.

Michael Zusman, Attorney at Law

I believe your testimony on the financial aspects of this case was extremely helpful and persuasive.

Jeff Street, Attorney at Law

At the outset, I told the mediator that we would tear [adverse expert] apart at trial. In view of the final result, [opponents] must have swallowed their pride and accepted your analysis.

Bill Dowell, Attorney at Law

We settled the case today; couldn’t have done it without your assistance.

John Pinzelik, Attorney at Law

We want you to know how much we appreciate having you as our expert. This is a substantial matter, and having excellent support makes us feel better about what we are doing.

Wendell Belknap, Attorney at Law

We got a great result with your help. Thanks again for your excellent analysis and testimony.

Jim Edmonds, Attorney at Law

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